Vertical Preheater

Description: For preheating refractory material. It has a character of reasonable structure, high thermal efficiency and the level of automation level. But it cannot make full use of scrap (required feeding size-18 to 50mm).It is not suitable for poor thermal stability material. Vertical preheater, plus rotary kiln can preheat poor thermal stability material, such as active lime and dolomite.

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Raw material comes to smoke material segregation cover from feeding chamber and it is distributed evenly in the circular stacking space between the two cylinders of preheater body. Hot smoke of 900-1000℃ from rotary kiln comes to circular stacking space and flows reversely toward feeding direction and has a full hot exchange. Material which is preheated to 600℃ was pushed to kiln by push rod discharger in order to feed evenly. Smoke of 300℃ after heat exchange is put into atmosphere through electrostatic precipitators fume extractor.

perheater structure

It consists feeding room, body, pushing discharger, bypass valve, auxiliary chimney and so on. The structure can be seen on the following drawing.

use and maintenance

The raw material that comes into preheater should be clean and free of impurities pollution, otherwise it must be washed in case.
Feeding chamber stock column height can be adjusted according to requirements. But stock height of two feeding chambers should be consistent. When alternating with each other and feeding to body, it should be controlled by timer switch and process controller.
Travelling distance of every push rod discharger should be adjusted to the same. Pushing interval time between two push rod discharger can be adjusted according to requirements. Discharge material inside the cylinder evenly or it will cause particle segregation.
Under normal circumstances, do cleaning by checking door every seven or eight days. Do refractory lining maintenance once a year and at the same time conduct a comprehensive check for machinery equipment.